Our collection and archive of articles, searchable by category and author. We analyse current events and trends in the youth field, and give the youth sector a platform to make its voice heard. Read our analysis pieces, events reports, and contributions by our external collaborators.

Activism & Volunteering

Volunteering has become an increasing focus of attention – it is not only important as an educational experience; it’s also a form of social participation, can be a factor of integration and a perfect environment to encourage and sustain active citizenship. We want to look at youth activism and volunteering in all forms and varieties.


Here we look at youth-led development broadly. It brings together evidence, good practice, toolkits and evaluations from youth-led programmes from different organisations, and features articles, blog posts, creative media, case studies and research pieces written by young people active in the development sector.


Youth with disabilities are an important sector of the youth movement and are more likely to be excluded and to face discrimination, stripped of the right to make their own decisions and excluded from participation in public life. We seek to network and develop partnerships that will help mobilize, empower and coordinate youth with disabilities’ initiatives.

Education & Learning

Youth and education policies are closely interlinked, and youth work is often based on, and implemented through non-formal and informal learning. In this section, we focus on education and learning policies and realities across the continuum and lifespan. We also follow the progress towards the education-related Millenium Development Goals.


Health is a fundamental human right. Just societies ensure equitable health outcomes for everyone. We aim to generate and promote research, leadership and partnerships in order to strengthen public health engagement and leadership and to advance sustainable global health solutions.

Internet & Governance

Much happens on internet governance, little of it involves young people. The digital divide, freedom of expression, data protection, accessibility, copyright and cybercrime are some of the notions debated in the struggle to form and define the information society. We follow and engage with the various events and discourses on internet governance.


We aim to be a reliable source for fair, objective, in-depth and empirically supported information to help the general public, practitioners, educators, parents, youth, funder, advocates, policy makers and lawmakers better understand juvenile justice issues impacting youth.

Minorities & Diversity

Being different often means to be singled out from others in society, more often than not for differential and unequal treatment. Minorities are, in other words, often objects of collective discrimination, while there is ongoing talk of multiculturalism as well as its failure and crisis. We want to critically dissect such discourses.

Participation & Global Governance

This section explores young people’s strategies, practices and experiences of participation and engagement. It provides a selection of resources on the topic of youth participation, including a tool to map multiple entry points into young people’s involvement in international decision-making, a direct follow-up of the London Symposium on meaningful youth participation.


Young people are consistently stereotyped as degenerate contributors to violence, as perpetrators of conflict. We explore the role of youth as mediators, integral to processes of conflict transformation and peacebuilding, without neglecting that youth have been (made) a part of many violent struggles around the world.


We hope to facilitate and coordinate a range of global youth voices, discussing and critiquing national and international policy (or lack thereof) on the environment, climate change and sustainability. We draw on and aim to influence the work of the international youth climate movement.

Youth & Children's Rights

We follow and shape the debates about the need to increase young people’s access to their rights, highlight the current challenges for young people in accessing their rights, review the existing frameworks for ensuring the rights of young people, and critically engage with the rationale for an additional Convention on the Rights of Young People.

Youth Policy & Young People

How do youth policies affect young people? Which conditions for living and learning are guaranteed, which are provided, which are missing? What is the real-life impact of policies on young people and their rights? These are some of the over-arching questions we seek to ask, and answer – in general through, and in this section specifically.

Youth Policy Reviews & Evaluations

We follow the development of the Youth Policy Pilot Evaluation Series that has been conceptualized to undertake analyses of public policies affecting young people in several countries. We aim to take a new approach to examine the impact that public policies have on the rights of young people, particularly the marginalized.

Youth Policy Symposia

A series of two-day international participatory symposia, convened regularly to engage those working to improve how public policy affects young people. Each symposium highlights the challenges, insights, successes and next steps in youth policy work. The symposia produce clear, coordinated follow-up actions to align policy and coordinate action.

Youth Policy Working Papers

Youth Research & Knowledge

Youth research, as a specialist area of social scientific inquiry, covers the life-phase ‘youth’ in all its facets. We try to mirror it’s growing diversity, its multidisciplinary and multidimensional approach and the various theoretical traditions, epistemological perspectives and methodological approaches in our selected introductions to research findings.

Youth Work & Community Work

We look at youth work in its entire diversity, covering services as well as activities for and with young people of a social, cultural, educational or political nature. We describe and question the changing nature of youth and community work, caused by the enormous difficulties to ensure adequate access to education, housing and employment.