Social inclusion of youth on the margins of society

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Social inclusion of youth on the margins of society - Policy review of research results If Europe wants to realise its full potential and provide jobs to 75 % of its working population it needs to use the talents and skills of all its citizens, in particular young people. The policy review ’Social inclusion of youth on the margins of society’ looks into the lives and aspirations of young people who face severe or multiple forms of social exclusion, such as young migrants, young Roma, long-term unemployed, homeless youth and young people in public care. It analyses the causes and processes of their exclusion and focuses on policy solutions to break the individual and social glass-ceiling. This policy review summarises the evidence of a cluster of five youth-oriented research projects launched in 2008 and broadens the evidence basis for stimulating inclusive growth in the context of the Europe 2020 strategy and its flagship initiatives ‘Youth on the move’ and the ‘European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion’. The aim of this publication is to provide a summary of findings in areas of interest to policymakers in the fields of education, employment and training, family, youth and social policies.

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