Building a Better Tomorrow - The Voices of Young People with Disabilities

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This particular publication, entitled: “Building a Better Tomorrow: The voices of young people with disabilities” draws attention to the rights of young people with disabilities to participate in all aspects of society on an equal basis with others. The young people with disabilities of today are all too often among the world’s poorest and most marginalized. This publication attempts to bring the voices, experiences and observations of young people with disabilities to the forefront. The publication aims to fill some of the knowledge gaps on young people with disabilities, and raise awareness of the specific issues facing them in order to encourage development actors to develop no gap policies and remove the many barriers that face young people with disabilities in all aspects of life.


Fred Doulton, Golda El-khoury, Gopal Mitra, James Aniyamusaala, Lorraine Wapling, Nicola Shepherd, Nolan Quigley, Ravi Karkara, Shivangi Shrivastava, Timothy Dee

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