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Hleliswa Luhlanga

Hleliswa Luhlanga is a young woman and feminist, and a co-founder and current national coordinator of the Swaziland Young Women’s Network (SYWON). She is passionate about access to education for women and girls as a key pillar of sustainable development, decision-making power and access to justice for women and girls.

Hleliswa graduated from the University of Swaziland with a Diploma in Law studies in 2007 and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts: Development Studies with the University of South Africa. She has been involved with the women’s movement for the past five years and has spearheaded campaigns at national level to challenge the status quo, to engage with policy-makers on policies that impact on women’s and girls’ livelihoods.

In the near future, Hleliswa plans on pursuing a masters degree in Gender and Women’s Studies. Coming from a country that is staunchly patriarchal with a dual legal system and with strong cultural roots, she believes lots remains to be done to ensure that women’s rights are treated as human rights.

You can reach Hleliswa at hleliswa.luhlanga@youthpolicy.org.

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