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Alex is a frequent traveller, iMessage fiend, twitter aficionado, and coffee addict. For excitement and (sometimes) employment, he explores the intersection of youth policy, journalism and research, attempting to improve the lives of young people through knowledge, training and expression. Until recently, Alex led on consultancy projects at Youth Policy Labs, supporting national governments and UN agencies to design, implement and evaluate national youth policies. He is a contributing writer and editor for the site, as well as researcher into youth, participation and public policies.

Building on his global work with activists and youth movements internationally, Alex is currently supporting voluntary organisations in England and Wales to strengthen their strategy and evaluate their impact. Still dabbling in the international scene, he is a member of the CIVICUS Youth Action Team. Alex received his MSc in Organizational Behaviour from Birkbeck College, Uni. Of London, with a research project that explores the career expectations and narratives of the millennial generation in today’s workforce.

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