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Regional youth platforms are coordinating or umbrella organizations of youth organizations and often, national youth councils, in a particular region. There are several such platforms active in the region, some more established and recognized than others. In this region, there is a strong involvement of student organizations.

Caribbean Federation of Youth (CFY)


CFY supports the advancement of youth interests and seeks the active involvement and participation of youth in the process of progressive social change. It was established in 1986 to serve as a Caribbean-wide regional organization to defend and promote the welfare of youth. CFY operates through direct support of the National Youth Councils that are responsible for implementing programs in each country.

Juventude Latino-Americana pela a Democracia (JULAD)


Latin-American Youth for Democracy (JULAD) is a Brazil-based nongovernmental supraparty organization that promotes youth leadership development in the region. It focuses on leadership training and capacity building, youth participation in the election processes, youth policy focus groups, and exchange of youth leaders.

Latin American Youth Forum (FLAJ)


Established in 1993, FLAJ is the most representative nongovernmental body uniting youth organizations and youth movements in the region. Its member organizations include the very few existing National Youth Councils, which are composed solely of nongovernmental organizations (Nicaragua, Panama), national youth forums and networks, and other international nongovernmental organizations.