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European Union and Latin America


The 2007–2013 thematic program “Investing in People” covers health, education, gender, and other aspects of human and social development, including youth and children, employment and social cohesion, decent work, and culture. The European Commission also promotes student mobility and tertiary education cooperation between Europe and LAC. In the youth field, specifically, there are some opportunities for promoting youth mobility and organizing youth activities between Europe and LAC through the Youth in Action Program.

Inter-American Children’s Institute


This organization aims to contribute to the development of public policies ensuring the promotion and exercise of children’s rights within the framework of strengthened democratic governance in the member states of the Organization of American States (OAS) by promoting cooperation with civil society and the creation of a culture based on children’s rights and well-being.

Latin American Technological Information Network (RITLA)


Youth is one of the six priorities of RITLA, whose mission is to empower regional cooperation and exchange linked to the use of new information and communication technologies. Addressing the issues of the digital divide, information and communication technology, and innovation in education, as well as issues of participation, citizenship, and violence, RITLA is profiling itself as a key contributor to youth-related debates in the region.

Organización Iberoamericana de Juventud (OIJ)


The Ibero-American Organization for Youth is an intergovernmental body that promotes dialogue and international cooperation in the field of youth among Latin American countries, including Spain and Portugal (the former colonial powers). Its main achievements include the Ibero-American Convention on the Rights of Young People, which is in the process of ratification by its member states, and a study on Latin American youth in 2007.

Year of Young People in the Ibero-American Region (2008)

An initiative of the Ibero-American Organization for Youth, the Year of Young People in the Ibero-American Region was declared as a means of raising awareness and supporting the process of youth policy development.

Organization of American States (OAS)

www.oas.org; www.oas.org/youth

The OAS has been one of the sporadic supporters and promoters of national youth policy development in the region. Although the current program focuses on supporting youth entrepreneurship through several programs, its overall aim is still to contribute to the improvement of the life conditions of young people in the region. Since 2008 OAS has a new Focus on Youth – an integral and cross-cutting approach – to involve, engage, respond to, and empower young citizens across the hemisphere. OAS wants to promote equality, integral development, hemispheric security, and democratic governance. A special attention is given to engaging young people at the community and local levels, which can provide an effective platform for their contribution to democratic governance. The OAS Focus on Youth centers on three interconnected tasks, which relate to the work of the OAS: Promoting Democratic Values and Practices; Promoting Economic, Social and Cultural Development with Equity; and Engaging Youth at Risk.

Youth Forum of the Americas


In preparation of the 5th Summit of the Americas held in Trinidad and Tobago in April 2009, a Youth Forum of the Americas was held, to gather the input and recommendations of the young people of the 34 OAS Member States on theme: “Securing Our Citizens’ Future by Promoting Human Prosperity, Energy Security and Environmental Sustainability”. Similarly, at the 60th OAS General Assembly in 2010, the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) (see below) presented the recommendations of Youth to Heads of Delegations.

Young Americas Business Trust


The talents and prospects of young entrepreneurs in the Americas and the Caribbean today will determine the region’s potential for future economic growth and democratic stability. Enterprising, energetic young people offer the best opportunity for sustaining development and growth in the Americas. The Young Americas Business Trust is itself a young startup initiative and combines the energy of talented young people, as staff and representatives, with the experience and prestige of the Organization of American States to support young people’s entrepreneurship.