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This section includes some initiatives for youth that have been undertaken in the region. These may not form part of the work of the “traditional” youth sector of the region, but they nevertheless constitute examples of good practice and demonstrate the extent of development and innovation under way in the youth sector in this region.

Asia Pacific Indigenous Youth Network (APIYN)


The Asia Pacific Indigenous Youth Network is an alliance of indigenous youth organizations, aiming to promote and defend the rights of indigenous peoples in general, and those of indigenous youth in particular. It prioritizes mobilizing the catalytic role of indigenous youth by facilitating the exchange of ideas, analysis, and experiences that they in turn can contribute and share with their indigenous communities. APIYN is the Youth Initiative of the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund and the Anglican Church of Canada.

Samsung DigitAll Hope 2003


Ensuring that all young people have equal access to information technology is an increasingly important issue for the future development of the Asia-Pacific region. Samsung is launching the youth-themed program in eight Asian countries: Australia, Singapore, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The program is part of Samsung’s commitment to give back to the countries in which it operates. Youth are the focus because those aged 15 to 24 represent a large segment (almost 20%) of the overall population in the region.