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Regional youth platforms are coordinating or umbrella organizations of youth organizations and in particular, national youth councils, in a particular region.

A national youth council is an umbrella organization for youth organizations active at the national level. Its role and function are to represent the interests of its member organizations to national authorities responsible for youth. As a coordinating body of organizations with nationwide membership, these organizations tend to consider themselves “representative.” In Asia and the Pacific, regional platforms have tended to be made up of national youth councils and student associations. There are several platforms, with diverse levels of experience and effectiveness. In the Asia-Pacific region, regional youth platforms have been encouraged by the regional governmental cooperation organizations, such as the Pacific Community and ASEAN. They are accepted as partners for the advancement of the work of those organizations in the field of youth. Nevertheless, these platforms are weakened by the general absence of truly nongovernmental youth organizations among their members. They grapple with issues of representation and legitimacy in the eyes of youth nongovernmental organizations.

All China Youth Federation (ACYF)


Established in 1949, the All China Youth Federation is the official coordinating body of Chinese youth organizations led by the Communist Party of China. It is a federative body with the Communist Youth League of China at its core. It is a broad patriotic united front organization of youth of all ethnic groups and all walks of life in China. It is the main Chinese partner to all other regional youth platforms. The European Youth Forum maintains contact with the All China Youth Federation within the context of Europe–China exchanges on youth issues. Through its 52 member organizations and over 77,000 individual members at all levels, the ACYF reaches over 300 million young people across China. It runs programs and activities in the following fields: education and training, voluntary service, development of new countryside, environmental protection, protection of rights and interests, innovation and employment, youth culture, international exchanges and cooperation and exchange programs with Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Asia Students Association (ASA)

(No website)

Secretariat: c/o Rey Asis
Flat B, 2nd floor, Wang Cheong building
249–253 Reclamation Street, Kowloon,
Hong Kong SAR
e-mail: asasec@netvigator.com and reyasis@gmail.com
blogs: http://asianstudents.blogspot.com and http://apstudes.wordpress.com/

This platform for student organizations is a traditional partner of the European Youth Forum and other regional youth platforms because its members and its international secretariat have consistently been able to maintain independence from governments in the region, although it is different in character from other regional youth platforms, being an organized primarily on cooperation among students organizations. It is currently attempting to broaden its scope to include youth organizations. It is invited to ICMYO and international coordination events.

Indian Committee of Youth Organizations (ICYO)


ICYO is a not-for-profit network association with 356 member organizations in 122 districts in 23 states of India. It is committed to developing areas of mutual cooperation and understanding among the different youth voluntary agencies, youth groups, and clubs and individuals functioning in India and South Asia. ICYO promotes cooperation between youth voluntary organizations and multilateral agencies to strengthen youth organizations at the grassroots level. The European Youth Forum is exploring deeper cooperation with this platform and hopes it will become active in the GCCC and ICMYO.

Pacific Youth Council (PYC)


The Pacific Youth Council is a regional, nongovernmental, voluntary association of territorial and national youth organizations established in 1996 to encourage and strengthen territorial and national youth organizations and promote a regional identity for Pacific youth. The PYC Secretariat is located within the Pacific Youth Bureau Office at the Secretariat of the Pacific Community Headquarters in Noumea, New Caledonia. The PYC is a member of the GCCC, although since 2002 its participation and contact with the youth NGO coordinating mechanisms has been sporadic. The European Youth Forum and ICMYO have recently renewed contact with this platform and hope it will become an active participant of youth organization coordination activities.