In this mapping, we deal with the youth scenes in several regions: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East and North Africa, and Latin America and the Caribbean.

We present information about the main actors in the youth field, their interaction within the region and across regions, as well as different mechanisms of youth policy cooperation they are engaged in, related or unrelated to the global context outlined in the mapping of the international youth sector.

For each region treated, we provide some basic facts about youth in the region, an overview of the most important actors and some youth initiatives that could be considered innovative and, therefore, interesting as examples of good practice.

We also provide a listing of key regional legislation and documents pertaining to youth (i.e. conventions, declarations, treaties and other documents). In some cases, and where these exist, we have included specific sources of information for youth issues in the region.

The Regional Youth Scene in Africa

The Regional Youth Scene in Asia and the Pacific

The Regional Youth Scene in Europe

The Regional Youth Scene in the Middle East and North Africa

The Regional Youth Scene in Latin America and the Caribbean