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Regional Youth Funding in Europe

Europe has one of the richest and most elaborate systems in the world for funding youth-related projects. A whole array of foundations and philanthropic organizations are interested in young people and provide funding for projects focusing on their participation, active contribution to society, international mobility and exchange, and other areas. In recent years, many of these programs have focused on young people from Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe and the former Soviet Union, and approaches toward involving them in democratic development and post-conflict reconciliation and reconstruction.

Others have focused on disadvantaged young people, those living in peripheral situations, or young people of minority origin. These organizations can be divided up into two categories: the first are youth-specific funders and the second are non-youth specific funders who also provide grants to youth organizations when the projects fit their specific priorities.

  • Youth-Specific Funders and Grant-Making Programs
  • Non-Youth Specific Funders Providing Financing for Youth Projects