Youth Employment in the Czech Republic

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This study is devoted to the issue of youth employment in the Czech Republic, especially over the past five years. This period has been characterised also in the Czech Re- public by the onset of the economic crisis, the conse- quences of which have negatively affected the labour market. This negative effect has, of course, also mani- fested itself with regard to youth employment. Even though the situation in this area in the Czech Republic is still not as bad as in some other EU member states, even young Bohemians and Moravians have not been protected from certain difficulties: youth unemployment has grown in recent years even in the Czech Republic and, what is more, the future of young people is highly uncertain, especially in connection with the antisocial policies of the current Czech government. This study is based on the opinions of and approaches taken by Czech trade unions (ČMKOS), which perceive and criticise both current and future risks for young people on the labour market and are trying to formulate both critiques of this situation and suggestions for resolving it.


Pavel Janícko

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