Youth Assessment in Angola

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USAID/Angola requested a rapid assessment of youth in Angola to inform its programming and partnerships with the Government of the Republic of Angola, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector. With over 60 percent of the population of Angola under the age of 20, the outcomes of the youth cohort (age 14-24) in Angola will profoundly shape the country‘s future. The assessment systematically collected the perceptions of young people--their needs, aspirations, and experiences of education and employment opportunities--and compared these with the capacity of key institutions working on behalf of young people, including government, private sector, and NGOs. Three development sectors were considered: employment/livelihoods, health, and civic engagement. Cross-sectoral opportunities for engagement with youth were prioritized. Angolan youth participated actively in the assessment as subjects of twelve focus groups and as members of the assessment team. Fieldwork was conducted in Luanda, Huambo, Benguela, and Cunene from February 13-24, 2006. Opportunities for strategic interventions by USAID/Angola were developed.


Clare Ignatowski

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