World Youth Report 2003 - The Global Situation of Young People

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The present publication seeks to address these two themes that characterise youth, exploring the hope, ambition and potential that exists in this context, while at the same time examining the elements of vulnerability, danger and lost opportunities. This review of the global situation of young people is based on the findings of the Expert Group Meeting on Global Priorities for Youth, held in Helsinki from 6 to 10 October 2002. Organized by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs in collaboration with the Ministry of Education of Finland, the Meeting brought together a multidisciplinary group of participants from Government, academia, youth organizations and the United Nations to address all aspects of young people’s lives in today’s complex world and to identify new directions for effective youth policy.


Alexander Salagaev, Andy Furlong, Gary Roberts, Gerison Lansdown, Helena Helve, Joel Tolman, Juha Mustonen, Juha Suoronta, Laleh Ebrahimian, Lynne Chisholm, Merita Irby, Richard Curtain, Richard Dryzek, Robert Thomson, Rosemary Lane, Steven Miles, Tommi Hoikkala, Vivian Lopez

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