White Paper on Children and Young People 2012 (abridged edition)

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White Paper on children and young people is an annual report submitted to the National Assembly in accordance with Article 6 of the Act on Promotion of Development and Support for Children and Young People (Act No.71 of 2009). This is the third report as designated by the Act . (If counted together with White Paper on youth (not designated by law) created from 1956, this report is 54th report.) Part 1 Present State of Children and Young People It introduces the current situation of children and young people, based on various data related to children and young people. • Rearing environment • Social life • Safety and problematic behavior Special Feature Topic: Youth’s Outlook on work and Future vision, and Current situation and Challenges on vocational independence and employment support. It analyzes ideas on work of teens and people in their 20s, and the kind of employment support measures they would like, based on the results of the "Young People Opinions Survey” Part 2 Measures for Children and Young People It introduces measures for children and young people implemented in fiscal year 2011, along the configuration of the "Vision for Children and Young People." • Promoting the policies on development and support for children and young people in a comprehensive and systematic manner • Providing support for healthy development of all children and young people • Supporting children, young people and their families facing difficulties • Improving the environment for the healthy development of children and young people to be supported by society as a whole • Framework for the promotion of future measures

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