Understanding Policy Development and Implementation for Children and Young People

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This Foundation Report is the second in a Special Report Series addressing the rights and well-being of children and youth in Ireland and Northern Ireland. The Report corresponds with three key UNESCO aims: to strengthen awareness of human rights; to act as a catalyst for regional and national action in human rights; and to foster co-operation with a range of stakeholders and networks working with, or on behalf of, children and youth. The Children and Youth Programme will take a developmental approach to implementing a rights-based approach, working according to the other principles of the Programme: to have an all-island focus; to retain academic independence; and to ensure the voice of children and youth is present. The Special Report Series of the Children and Youth Programme will be the primary output of this approach. The objectives of the series are: 1. to focus on a topical issue considered to affect the well-being of children and youth; 2. to examine the impact of selected policy and practice interventions on human rights and well-being; 3. to gain an understanding of the processes of implementation; 4. to share learning that will enable duty holders to better meet their commitments to children’s rights and improved well-being; 5. to share learning that will enable rights holders to claim their rights. Here you can find the Full Version Report, Briefing Paper and At the Glance Paper.


Celia Keenaghan

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