Training and Employment Opportunities to Address Poverty Among Rural Youth - A Synthesis Report

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This report is a synthesis of three case studies conducted in the Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam. It highlights the differences and similarities of the main findings and recommendations of the three case studies. The report aims to enhance understanding on training and employment opportunities and challenges to employment and training for rural youth, all of which are critical to poverty reduction. This synthesis report also seeks to present a predominantly qualitative view of the situation of rural youth in the three countries. The report consists of four sections. Following this introduction that explains the rationale, the objectives of the study and the methodology for the field studies, section two provides an overview of the national economic context and relevant national policies and regulations highlighting the similarities and differences between the three countries. Section three presents insights from field surveys conducted in the Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam. Section four summarizes the opportunities for training and employment in the survey sites and identifies the pertinent gaps. It also presents recommendations on how these gaps in employment and training for rural youth may be addressed.

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