The YMCA Blue Book

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The YMCA Blue Book - World YMCA Movement in Review The blue book is a publication of the World Alliance of YMCAs aiming to provide relevant and updated information on basic data of the World YMCA movement. This is the result of a research effort which gathered data from the Youth Empowerment Programme Survey 2011, World Alliance Quadrennial Survey 2010, YMCA Area Organisations Reports and other relevant documents. The last publication of this nature was issued by the World Alliance of YMCAs in 1977 under the name “1977 the YMCA Movement in Review”. It is our sincere hope that the Blue Book will be a useful tool for YMCAs all over the world to communicate in a similar manner around the global YMCA movement, its basic figures and also other topics relevant to YMCA life. This is only the first edition, which will be constantly updated and improved with the help of each National Movement of the YMCA family.

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