The State of Youth Policies in the Arab Region

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Article was published in Forum 21 - European Journal on Youth Policy / Revue européenne de politique de jeunesse/ Europäische Zeitschrift für Jugendpolitik, N°9 - 6/2007 The preparation of national youth policies and strategies of the 21 Countries of the Middle East and North Africa could best be perceived through the findings of a research study conducted from November 2004 - May 2005 by the Secretariat of the International Council on National Youth Policy (ICNYP) on a summary of the Comparative Analysis of National Youth Policy funded by the German Development Cooperation (GTZ). The analysis of the study revealed the various effort and actions being considered or taken on the global as well as regional bases. At the regional level, much action was found taken since international youth year (1985) to promote cross-sectoral and integrated national youth policies and programmes, but progress has been uneven. Considerable progress was found to have bveen made in Commonwealth and Western European countries in particular.


Khalid Al Mulla

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