The State of Youth Networking for Sexual and Reproductive Health Across 21 Asian Countries

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Directory: Networks and Organisations for Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health in Asia - Volume 2: Mapping regional, sub-regional and national youth networks across Asia: The state of youth networking for sexual and reproductive health across 21 Asian countries Many informants gave information, time and support to the researchers. Informants were passionate about the importance of youth networking and keen to help this agenda move forward. It is hoped that the resulting report can be shared widely to build a critical mass of information on regional SRH / HIV youth networking. The researchers would like to particularly thank the youth activists and leaders who gave their time and support to the mapping assignment. All the young people interviewed regular give substantial amounts of time on a voluntary basis to support sexual and reproductive health programming and policy development in their own countries and across the region. The researchers welcome feedback on the report and would like to acknowledge that factual errors may exist in the information presented, and that the situation of youth networking can, and will, change rapidly.


Javita Narang, Jessie Freeman

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