SUMMARY NOTE “Decent Work for Youth - the EU Dimension”

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Representatives of the European Youth Forum, the European Trade Union Confederation Youth Committee, the employers organizations BUSINESSEUROPE and UEAPME, the European Commission, the Danish Presidency of the EU Council of Ministers, representatives of several EU member States, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), Eurofound and political groups of the European Parliament (S&D, ALDE and Greens/EFA participated) and other stakeholders met to share their views on the issue of youth employment in the EU and discuss possible solutions. Participants welcomed the ILO presentation “The youth employment crisis: time for actions” and appreciated its approach.The consultation benefited from new and renewed position papers and proposals on youth employment presented by the participants covering different perspectives and from recent and upcoming initiatives by the EU institutions. All participants recognized that the rising youth unemployment rates in recent years will require comprehensive and strengthened action on youth employment. The figures and challenges raised are well established. Below follows a summary overview of arguments made and ideas and proposals raised by respective participants during the discussions at the consultation event. This synthesis does not necessarily reflect a consensus view amongst participants as different perspectives have been raised. The final part of this note includes a number of good practices.

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