Structured Dialogue on Youth

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The Structured Dialogue with young people has become an established process for participatory policy making in the youth field among the 27 EU Member States. It is a space for young people and policy makers to discuss and feed into EU youth policy at national and European level together, as well as a tool to ensure that youth policy meets the needs and expectations of young people across Europe. It takes the form of national consultations at Member State level and EU Youth Conferences at European level. The Structured Dialogue is organised into 18 month cycles, with each cycle split into three phases. Each cycle has an overall theme such as social inclusion or youth participation in democratic life, which each phase focusing on a sub-priority. This is to reflect the 6 monthly rotating Presidency of the European Union between Member states. The current 18 month cycle of the Structured Dialogue is built around the theme of social inclusion. There have been four phases:
  1. Phase 1: 2010/2011 - Youth unemployment - Belgium-Spain-Hungary
  2. Phase 2: 2011/2012 - Youth participation in democratic life - Poland-Denmark-Cyprus
  3. Phase 3: 2013/2014 - Social inclusion - Ireland-Lithuania-Greece
  4. Phase 4: 2014/2015 - Youth Empowerment for Political Participation - Italy-Latvia-Luxembourg
  5. Phase 5: 2016/2017 -Enabling all young people to engage in a diverse, connected and inclusive Europe - Netherlands-Slovakia-Matla.
Each country report has been compiled into one document containing all the recommendations for each phase.
  • Phase 1 is marked as 2010;
  • Phase 2 is marked as 2011;
  • Phase 3 is marked as 2013;
  • Phase 4 is marked as 2014.

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