Strategy for Youth Development and Health in the Republic of Serbia

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At the end of 2003, the Ministry of Health established a Expert group for youth development and health, following, among others, one of the leading principles in the vision of the healthcare system in the Republic of Serbia. This principle emphasizes that special attention will be given to initiatives that will improve the protection and promotion of children and youth health. One of the tasks of this working group is to develop a Strategy for youth development and health in the Republic of Serbia. During the preparation of this document, UNICEF, as a strategic partner of the Ministry of Health, provided professional assistance and support. The Strategy for youth development and health in the Republic of Serbia (hereafter referred to as: the “Strategy”), as a document of national importance, is part of the overall strategy for healthcare system development. However, it also represents an instrument for the mobilisation not only of the healthcare sector, but of all society factors, as partners in youth healthcare, solving problems and prevention of behaviour that poses a health risk. The Strategy includes aims, activities and expected results of youth health promotion, including the preparation of young people to care for their own health as well. It also implies the improvement of quality, efficiency and accessibility of healthcare, as well as finding new approaches for improving young people’s health.

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