State of the Voluntary Youth Sector in Staffordshire 2013

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This report is about the current state of the voluntary youth sector in Staffordshire, recognising the journey undertaken so far, the challenges of the current climate, as well as outlining opportunities for the future. The report is enhanced by short case studies from across the County, designed to give tangible examples of what is being discussed. It will also briefly explore the national context to see how Staffordshire compares. It draws on existing national and local reports, as well as data and intelligence compiled by Staffordshire Council of Voluntary Youth Services (SCVYS) through our day to day performance management. This report is intended to be read by frontline volunteers and youth leaders as well as commissioners, strategic leaders and decision-makers. The aim is to keep the language as plain and straightforward as possible, whilst attempting to present the reality of the environment we are all working in and seeking to improve. It is hoped that readers recognise the description of the current environment, that it provokes discussion, and influences the future direction of youth services in Staffordshire. It has been written by SCVYS who are contracted by Staffordshire Youth and Community Service, formerly Staffordshire Young People’s Service (SYPS), to support the local voluntary youth sector across the county. SCVYS also supports some voluntary youth groups based in Stoke on Trent, although not under contract. A representative editorial group have acted as a sounding board, to ensure that the report is truly reflective of the sector at this moment in time, whilst recognising that it is impossible to capture the total diversity within the report.

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