Social Inclusion for Young People: Breaking Down the Barriers

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This book presents the key findings from a seminar organised by the European Youth Research Partnership on the theme of Social Inclusion and Young People, which took place at the European Youth Centre in Budapest in October/November 2005. The seminar brought together researchers from across Europe, with youth activists and policy representatives, in order to develop a better understanding of social exclusion for young people, and to help provide evidence about the progress of strategies to promote social inclusion. We are only able to present a selection of the papers in this book, but others focused on a wide range of topics, from the “digital divide”, to living with HIV/Aids, and civic engagement around environmental issues. The full report, with recommendations from the seminar (Colley et al., 2005) and all the original papers presented there are available at the European Knowledge Centre for Youth Policy.


Amineh Kakabaveh Anna Kende

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