Sierra Leone Youth Report 2012 - Youth Development

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The major objective of the ‘2012 Sierra Leone Status of Youth Report’ is to provide a comprehensive analysis and documentation of the status of the youth in the country, focusing on prioritized thematic areas such as Youth Employment and Economic Empowerment, Education and Training, Health Development Indicators, Youth Participation in Development. This report has been produced to inform relevant national development policies and strategies in order to ensure that young women and men benefit from existing and emerging new opportunities in the country. Within the country’s social, economic, political, cultural and sectoral context, the report would be used to identify potential opportunities and the extent to which these could be scaled up to the benefit of young women and men in Sierra Leone. In order to produce the report, substantial desk review was conducted, obtaining relevant secondary literature on the youth, with consultations of selected key stakeholders carried out in the process. Where necessary, during the consultations some primary data was also gathered and analysed with a view to producing a Youth Report that is adequately informed with current realities, status and developments in the country. The first section discusses the macro-economic environment, analysing some key development and demographic indicators. The second section discusses issues of Youth and the Labour Market while the third discusses Education and Training. The fourth section discusses, Health Development Indicators. Other themes, such as youth participation in development and others will be incorporated in due course.

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