Shaping our Future - Toolkit for children and youth

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Shaping our Future - Toolkit for children and youth engaging in the post-2015 debate  This booklet is written mostly for children and youth, although adults who work with them may find the information useful as well. It is all about how you, as children and youth, can make a difference in one of the most important global decision-making processes of this decade: the process leading up to the formation of the world’s post-2015 development framework. These decisions will be made by some of the most influential people today and will have a great impact on the world of tomorrow. They will determine what development priorities our governments will focus on, and will affect the well-being of children and youth like you all around the world. This booklet was written and compiled by people at World Vision International who believe in the power of children and youth to shape our world and make it a better place to live. We wanted to create a resource that will equip and prepare you with the knowledge, skills, and capacity to add your voice to this important process. You have the ability to advocate for the needs of children and youth and to make sure that these needs are reflected in the final decisions that influential world leaders will make about the post-2015 development agenda.


Corina Villacorta, Felipe Cala Buendia, Patricio Cuevas-Parra, Tiffany Tao Joiner

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