Seminar on Youth Policy Development in South East Europe - Final Report

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The final report of the Seminar on Youth Policy in South East Europe, which was held between 22nd and 24th September 2008 This seminar, organised in Belgrade between 22nd and 24th September 2008, was the second such event devoted to the development of youth policy in the region of South-East Europe organised by the Youth Partnership between the Council of Europe and the European Commission and the SALTO SEE Resource Centre. It built upon the initial groundwork undertaken at the first seminar held at Trogir, Croatia in September 2007. A sense of thematic continuity between the two seminars was ensured by using the conclusions from the final report of the Trogir event as the basis for some of the discussions in Belgrade. The fact that ten of the participants attended both seminars enhanced the process and strengthened the direct relationship between the two events. The shared aim of both seminars was to promote dialogue between different partners involved in youth policy development in all of the countries in the region.


Finn Yrjar Denstad

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