Reviews on Youth Policies and Youth Work in the Countries of Eastern Europe and Caucasus - Synthetic Report 2011

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The Framework Partnership Agreement for the period 1 July 2010 - 31 December 2013 between the European Commission and the Council of Europe in the field of youth organizes a process of reviewing on youth policies and youth work in the countries of South East Europe, Eastern Europe and Caucasus. In this framework National youth policy and youth work of the 7 countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and the Russian Federation) was launched in 2009. The National Reports have been prepared by selected experts through desk research on several open sources of information available about the countries, young people living there as well as the available policies and programmes documentation on various aspects of National Youth Policies and youth work realities. No special research on the field was realized by the experts preparing the reports. The ready drafts then passed a national check-up process by the main stakeholders present in the countries (governmental agencies responsible for youth affairs, main expert YNGOs, international organisation’s offices in the countries etc.). The comments and corrections from the national checkup were than incorporated in the Reports in the process of preparation of the final texts. Summary Report of the national reviews was initiated after the preparation of the National Reports. The aim of this Report was to summarize the findings of the experts preparing the national reviews as well as to try to derive common trends and similarities and major differences of these countries in terms of national youth policies and youth work.


Anahit Minassian, Areg Tadevosyan

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