Reviewing the Provision of Education for Young People in Detention in Northern Ireland

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This thematic Report is the third in a Special Report Series addressing the rights and well-being of children and youth in Ireland and Northern Ireland. The Report corresponds with three key UNESCO aims: to strengthen awareness of human rights; to act as a catalyst for regional and national action in human rights; and to foster co-operation with a range of stakeholders and networks working with, or on behalf of, children and youth. This Report adopts a rights-based approach to reviewing the provision of education for young people in detention. Using the General Measures of Implementation as a fundamental tool for good policy (CYP, 2011) together with the principles of best interests and voice of the child, the objectives of the Report are to: 1. identify the rights for children and young people to education in custody in Ireland and Northern Ireland; 2. analyse and review the legal and policy provisions for the educational needs of children and young people in custody; 3. highlight research evidence and data in relation to the voice and educational experiences of young people in custody and identify gaps in existing provisions and pedagogy; 4. explore new strategies of providing education in custody and make recommendations for policy development and implementation. The Report comprises the following sections: Section 2 briefly outlines the relevant rights instruments and standards for the education of young people in detention; Section 3 provides a profile of children in the youth justice system with reference to education; Section 4 documents the legislative and policy context for the provision of education of young people in custody in Ireland and Northern Ireland and highlights areas of concern; Section 5 assesses the role of education for young people in detention and explores modalities of educational provision; and Section 6 draws concluding messages for policy in relation to custodial education and well-being of young people. Here you can find the Full Version Report, Briefing Paper and At the Glance Paper.

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