Resituating Culture

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The interdisciplinary contributions to resituating culture combine overviews of relevant cultural theory with the research and perspectives of the individual contributors. Emerging from the Council of Europe / European Commission partnership on youth research, this publication is of particular import for youth workers, trainers and researchers active at local, national and European levels, and for any readers interested in cotemporary debates on culture.


Alana Lentin, Anna Bagnoli, Arun Kundnani, Avtar Brah, Benjamin Perasovic ́, Bryony Hoskins, Debbie Ging, Diego Herrera Aragon, Gavan Titley, Iben Jensen, Irene Becci, Jackie Malcolm, John Tomlinson, John Wrench, Kathryn Spellman, Olivier Cathus, Rupa Huq

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