Report on the United Nations System-wide Action Plan on Youth (Youth-SWAP) Survey

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United Nations Secretary‐General Ban Ki‐moon has made working with and for youth a priority of his Five‐year Action Agenda, and has called for the development of a System‐wide Action Plan on Youth (Youth‐SWAP). The Youth‐SWAP will guide the work of the whole UN system to promote young people’s human rights and development needs. It derives its mandate from the World Programme of Action for Youth and other inter‐ governmental agreements. The Youth-SWAP - which forms a part of the Secretary-General’s Five-year Action Agenda related to youth - aims to establish a coordinated and coherent approach to youth development across the United Nations agencies. It focuses on five thematic areas: employment and entrepreneurship, political inclusion, civic engagement and protection of rights, education including comprehensive sexuality education, and health. The two documents featured are: - Summary report of the Youth-SWAP (English 2012) - Summary findings from the Youth-SWAP consultation survey (English 2013)

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