Québec Youth Policy: Bringing youth into Québec's mainstream

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[T]he Québec youth policy aims to encourage active citizenship for all young people in Québec and invites society as a whole to: • Inject a genuine culture of generational renewal into the activities and workings of Québec society and consolidate bonds of solidarity between the generations; • Ensure development of the full potential of all Québec’s young people, whatever their social, economic, or cultural realities, their area of residence, their degree of independence, their gender or their sexual orientation; • Define strategies to deal with certain specific realities experienced by young people, recognize the different forms of social participation of young people in their communities, and ensure equitable living conditions; • Ensure the full, complete participation of young people in the renewal of Québec society, particularly by integrating them harmoniously into the job market and through the quality of their working life; • Enable young people to reconcile their personal and collective identities in a society that accepts the diversity of young people; • Enable young people to become more open to the world and help spread universal values that Québec society subscribes to, such as solidarity, democracy, and human rights; • Introduce a lasting youth vision into government action and the action of all partners, with due respect for Québec’s regional and cultural characteristics.

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