Quality Education For All Young People

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Quality Education For All Young People-Reflections and contributions emerging from the 47th International Conference On Education Of UNESCO, Geneva, 8-11 September 2004 This book is based mainly on the work and preparatory documents of the 47th ICE and on the statements, addresses, presentations and debates of the two plenary sessions and the four specialized workshops, and on the Messages of the Ministers and the Young People which were received before the Conference. The final document adopted by the ICE ("Message and Proposed priorities for action to improve the quality of education for all young people") appears in Chapter V. This work, containing a wealth of reflections, experiences, research, opinions, ideas and visions for the future, aims to contribute to the continuation and deepening of reflection on the quality of education for young people among all the actors of the world educational community. It is from this standpoint that a number of questions appear in the text, with a view to permitting teacher trainers, the teachers themselves and their professional organizations, as well as the actors of civil society, to launch or continue the debate by taking account of the specific contexts. While briefly presenting the principle issues at stake and the lines of action proposed and by illustrating them with examples and quotations, this book does not seek to prescribe universally transferable norms or standards but simply to share different sorts of information, ideas and practices in order to encourage discussion.


Brigitte Deluermoz

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