Promoting Gender Equity as a Strategy to Reduce HIV Risk and Gender-based Violence Among Young Men in India

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Several people and various organizations have contributed to this study. While it may not be possible to include all here, we would like to mention a few. They include Mahendra Rokade, Vilas Sarmalkar, and the team from CORO for Literacy, Mumbai; Vijay Kumar from Daud Gorakhpur; Marcos Nascimento, Christine Ricardo, and Marcio Segundo, from Instituto Promundo; Valeria Rocha at World Education; Asha Bhende, Hemant Apte, and Prakash Fulpagare, Independent Consultants; V. L. Thomas and Anil Paul from Population Council, New Delhi; and LeeAnn Jones and Ellen Weiss from the Horizons Program. We would also like to thank colleagues from the International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS) who participated in various initial brain-storming meetings in Mumbai, Imtiaz Khan from MAMTA for monitoring program implementation in Gorakhpur, and Synovate for conducting the baseline and endline surveys in Mumbai and Gorakhpur. In addition, we gratefully acknowledge the MacArthur Foundation and SSL International for supporting the study at various stages.

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