Prevention of Violent Extremism Project Report

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On 14 November 2007, in a wide-ranging statement to the House of Commons on security, the Prime Minister referred to the involvement of youth justice in the prevention of violent extremism as part of a range of community-based measures. Young people in the Criminal Justice are seen as especially vulnerable to extremist influences. Consequently in April 2007 Home Office Ministers approved substantial funding for the YJB to invest in existing youth justice programmes and services or (if backed by a convincing case) to establish new initiatives to address the factors that put young people at risk of being drawn into criminality and violence motivated by extremism. The overall project aim was to work up proposals that will (in light of the Ridgeway Incident) strengthen community cohesion and expand the capacity of Swindon YJB programmes to reach young people at risk of becoming involved in violent extremism, address relevant risk factors and strengthen protective factors. This report details the research undertaken in support of the bid.


Kevin Leaning, Philip Smith, Swindon Yot

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