Perspectives on Youth Vol.1: 2020 - What do you see?

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Perspectives on youth is a new series on youth policy, research and practice supported by the EU-CoE Youth Partnership, moving forward debates on youth and having a European/ international relevance. The series include research articles, well-founded essays, or opinion pieces. It aims to function as an information, discussion, reflection and dialogue forum on European developments in the field of youth policy, youth research and youth work. The conceptual strategy is critical and anticipative, reflecting European youth policies and their relevance for and impact on young people, also seeking for trends in the youth field that need innovative and forward-looking answers and strategies. It is reflection about transnationality and intercultural positions, rather than be restricted to the context of one particular country - though sometimes individual country perspectives, from different countries, might be invited. Series has the aim to reach out to a broader readership at all levels (policymakers, youth workers, practitioners, students and researchers). Volume 1 "2020 - What do you see" introduction: From the deep and damaging dysfunction of the economy and the political inconsistency that promotes mobility as an asset, only to be countered by a re-drawing of xenophobia, it is a hard task to describe clear perspectives for the future. It is though a responsible task to identify the high impact issues that are and will most likely to affect young people - describe and debate them - and put them to the test cross-culturally. It is purposeful and creative to draw together analysis, drawn from quality research; mix in some opinion and vision, and sprinkle over it all some healthy cynicism. Source: Youth Partnership

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