Participation of Young People in the Process of the Youth Policy Development

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This is the report of a seminar that aimed to raise the level of youth participation in the process of youth policies development and implementation in the countries of Eastern Europe and Caucasus and adaptation of youth policies in the participating countries to the standards of Council of Europe and European Union using the experience of post socialist countries of the EU. The seminar objectives were To examine youth policy realities on national levels in the countries involved into the project To provide comparative analysis of youth policies in the participating countries To analyze compliance of the national youth policies with the CoE standards and recommendations To develop recommendations for the governments of the participating countries for the development of national youth policies according CoE standards To disseminate the results of the seminar among public officials and other stakeholders responsible for development and implementation of youth policies, youth NGOs and young people interested in youth policy The following countries participated: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Georgia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Russian Federation, Poland, Slovakia, and Ukraine.


Andriy Donets, Yaryna Borenko

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