NSW Youth Health Policy 2011-2016 - Health Bodies, Healthy Minds, Vibrant Futures

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This policy was developed in a collaborative partnership between the NSW Centre for the Advancement of Adolescent Health (NSW CAAH) and the NSW Department of Health. Young people have been central to the development of this policy, helping us to identify what the health system currently does well and where service delivery can be improved. They have participated in on-line consultations, face-to-face forums and as representatives on the policy development committee to inform our understanding of young people, their needs, their worries and their hopes for the future in regard to their health and wellbeing. Throughout the policy, there are quotes from young people who generously and honestly shared their ideas, opinions and experiences to help us improve the health system. The young people consulted were a diverse group of 13-24 year old males and females including Aboriginal young people; young people from rural, regional and urban areas; young people from culturally diverse backgrounds; and those with a range of health service experiences. Throughout the development process, consultation took place with youth-specific and mainstream health services, non-government organisations, government agencies, academics and health professionals. Young people participating in the consultation forums were invited to suggest names for the new policy. The suggestions showed creativity and thoughtfulness. Healthy bodies, healthy minds, vibrant futures was chosen, as it captured the essence of efforts to create opportunities and take steps towards positive futures for young people in NSW.

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