No. 19 of 1996: National Youth Commission Act, 1996.

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The act provides the establishment, constitution, objects and functions of a National Youth Commission, which is charged with the following objectives: (a) to co-ordinate and develop an integrated national youth policy; (b) to develop an integrated national youth development plan that utilises available resources and expertise for the development of the youth and which shall be integrated with the Reconstruction and Development Programme; (c) to develop principles and guidelines and make recommendations to the Government regarding such principles and guidelines, for the implementation of an integrated national youth policy; (d) to co-ordinate, direct and monitor the implementation of such principles and guidelines as a matter of priority; (e) to implement measures to redress the imbalances of the past relating to the various forms of disadvantage suffered by the youth generally or specific groups or categories of persons among the youth; (f) to promote a uniformity of approach by all organs of state, including provincial governments, to matters relating to or involving the youth; (g) to maintain close liaison with institutions, bodies or authorities similar to the Commission in order to foster common policies and practices and to promote co-operation; (h) to co-ordinate the activities of the various provincial government institutions involved in youth matters and to link those activities to the integrated national youth policy; (i) to develop recommendations relating to any other matters which may affect the youth.

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