National Agency for Youth in Serbia: What, How and Why?

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This publication is assigned to all who want to get more information on place of National Youth Agency in EU Programme "Youth in Action" and to understand why is the process of establishing National Agency in so important for this programme and youth in Serbia. Publication is a result of the project titled "Initiative for advocacy for establishing National Youth Agency" which had been initiated by "Hajde da…" Group in 2010 and which had been supported by more than eighty organizations, institutions and individuals so far. The document you’re about to read is supposed to give answer to important questions: What is National Agency anyway? (What are its tasks? What is its relation with European Commission?) Why does Serbia need National Agency? (How does process of applying look like? What are the limitations regarding use of "Youth in Action" Programme in a country without National Agency?). This publication will provide basic information on the Programme - its history, aims, organizational structure, budget, etc.


Marija Pilipović, Vojislava Tomić Radivojša

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