Moving Young

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Moving Young - State of World population 2006 - Youth Supplement This report explores the lives of young women and young men who have ventured into new lands to chase their dreams or to escape oppression, war, poverty or misfortune. It profiles the lives of young women and men from ten countries - Burkina Faso, Colombia, India, Kenya, Liberia, Moldova, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Suriname and Zambia. Some have never migrated, but their lives are marked by the experiences of spouses or relatives who have moved abroad. They were interviewed by journalists Martin Caparros and Shyamala Shiveshwarkar in their countries of origin or destination. From a desire and intention to migrate (Bibi, Suriname) to a search for a better life in a new land (Falcao, Colombia; Myanmar; Noraida, the Philippines); from the hunt for an advanced education and freedom from gender biases (Kakenya, Kenya) to the spillover effect of relatives who moved abroad (Rajini, India; and Edna, Zambia); from the construction of a new cultural identity (Khadija, born to Moroccan migrants in the Netherlands) to the risks and challenges of crossing borders (Natalia, Moldova; Adama, Burkina Faso); to escaping violence and persecution (Richard, Liberia); the profiles of young people presented in this report show a picture marked by hope and success but also by disillusionment and desperation. The report includes a brief introduction with overall information about young people who move.

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