Mosaic - The Training Kit for Euro-Mediterranean Youth Work

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Mosaic, the T-kit for Euro-Mediterranean youth work, was originally planned as one of the key actions of the Partnership on Euro-Mediterranean Youth Co-operation in the field of Training, signed between the European Commission and the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe in 2003. That partnership aimed to provide further good-quality training and learning opportunities for youth workers and youth leaders active in Euro-Mediterranean co-operation, based on intercultural learning, the citizenship and participation of young people, and human rights education. The aims of this partnership were later integrated into the (single) Youth Partnership between the European Commission and the Directorate of Youth and Sport of the Council of Europe (with which the North-South Centre is associated). In line with the T-Kit series developed within the Youth Partnership, Mosaic is intended to provide theoretical and practical tools for youth workers and trainers to work with and use when training people. More specifically, Mosaic aims to be an intellectually stimulating tool that supplies youth workers, trainers and project leaders interested in Euro-Mediterranean youth co-operation with starting points, essential information and methodological proposals enabling them to understand, address and question common issues present in the reality of Euro-Mediterranean youth projects.


Alper Akyüz, Anne Sophie Winkelmann, Asuman Göksel, Burcu Arık, Cécile Barbeito Thonon, Ellie Keen, Heidi Ness, Henrietta Szovatti, Jana El-Horr, Katrin Alban, Miguel Ángel García López, Rui Gomes, Suzanne Shomali, Tala Bassam Momani

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