Labour in the global South: Challenges and alternatives for workers

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While the recent crisis has rightfully captured the attention of both the global elite (the 1 per cent) and the “have nots” (the 99 per cent), for the global South such events are nothing new; it has been experiencing crises due to neoliberal globalization for the last 30 years. Whereas the countries in global North have been called upon to intervene to save the system from itself, in the global South economies have been allowed to collapse (e.g. in Argentina, Mexico and South-East Asia), with devastating effects, especially for workers and the poor. Labour in the global South brings together a group of leading labour scholars and practitioners who explore the challenges faced and responses taken by labour. The volume includes case studies from a number of countries, including Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, India, South Africa and Uruguay.


Akua Britwum, Babalwa Magoqwana, Bruno Dobrusin, Christoph Scherrer, Jacklyn Cock, Jana Silverman, Karen Douglas, Luciana Hachmann, Michelle Williams, Ruy Braga, Sandra Matatu, Sarah Mosoetsa, Sarbeswara Sahoo, Sue Ledwith, Tom Langford, Zia Rahman

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