Joining Forces With Young People

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Joining Forces With Young People - A Practical Guide to Collaboration for Youth Employment In 2004, a number of major international and regional youth organisations mobilised themselves into a Youth Consultative Group (YCG) to advise the High-Level Panel4 of the YEN on how best to support active youth participation in youth employment policy development around the world, by drawing on their extensive networks. Building on their global work, including a review of youth participation in the development of the 41 NAPs submitted to the United Nations in 2004-2005 and experiences in the YEN Lead Countries, the YCG, in partnership with the YEN Secretariat, has produced this guide for youth to facilitate and motivate young peoples’ participation in youth employment policy making. This guide is part of ongoing efforts to systemise the substantive and meaningful engagement of young people in the development and implementation of youth employment strategies. This publication also provides guidance for other stakeholders, primarily governments, on engaging with youth. Through highlighting good practices on youth participation, empowerment and capacity building in relation to youth employment policy making, it demonstrates the added value of youth involvement.

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