International Year of Youth - Fact Sheet - Information and Communication Technology

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Information and communication technologies have become a significant factor in development, having a profound impact on the political, economic and social sectors of many countries. ICTs can be differentiated from more traditional communication means such as telephone, TV, and radio and are used for the creation, storage, use and exchange of information. ICTs enable real time communication amongst people, allowing them immediate access to new information. ICTs play an important role in enhancing dialogue and understanding amongst youth and between the generations. The proliferation of information and communication technologies presents both opportunities and challenges in terms of the social development and inclusion of youth. There is an increasing emphasis on using information and communication technologies in the context of global youth priorities, such as access to education, employment and poverty eradication. In addition, ICTs can create effective channels of cooperation, dialogue and information exchange among young people. As a result, the role of young people in the Information Society is an important one.

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