International Labour Conference - 93rd Session - Youth - Pathways to Decent Work - Report VI

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The ILO is playing a leading international role in the employment of young people, in the framework of the United Nations Secretary-General’s Youth Employment Network and the 2002 United Nations General Assembly resolution on “Promoting youth employment”. It is also committed to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, in particular Goal 8, which sets as a target the development and implementation of strategies for decent and productive work for youth, in collaboration with developing countries. These responsibilities are a reflection of the long-standing commitment of ILO constituents and the Organization to the promotion of decent work for all young women and men. This Conference report, Youth: Pathways to decent work, begins with a global overview of youth employment and the socio-economic factors, which help or hinder young people in getting decent jobs. It discusses national-level initiatives, identifying key lessons in formulating successful policies and programmes. The report also illustrates ILO support to constituents in promoting decent work for young people, highlighting approaches and tools that have been or could be useful to constituents.

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