Intercultural Competence - Research Report

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Intercultural Competence (ICC) developed and demonstrated within the framework of European youth work are qualities needed for a young person to live in contemporary and pluralistic Europe. It enables her/him to take an active role in confronting social injustice and discrimination and promote and protect human rights. ICC requires an understanding of culture as a dynamic multifaceted process. In addition, it requires an increased sense of solidarity in which individual fear of the other and insecurity are dealt with through critical thinking, empathy and tolerance of ambiguity. After some explanations of the background of the research, clarifying the key question to be answered and the objectives of the research, the reader will learn more about the context of the research, including qualitative and quantitative aspects in addition to assumptions considered and challenges faced during the process. A key section of this research explains what is meant by each ‘quality’ which builds the basis of a comparative analysis regarding those qualities in practice. Finally, key findings are highlighted, outstanding questions raised and possible next steps suggested which are believed to be of major importance for the future development and progress of Intercultural Competence within the context of European youth work.


Behrooz Motamed Afshari, Paola Bortini

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