Integrity and Corruption in South Korea

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Transparency International-Korea has completed a youth survey on anti-corruption issues and analyzed the results. TI-Korea YIS (Youth Integrity Survey) is an offshoot of other two major youth integrity surveys: “Youth Integrity Index Report of 2008 Pilot Surveys” and “Youth Integrity in Vietnam (2011)”. Building on those two previous studies, this report explored youths’ concepts and understanding of integrity and anti-corruption in relation to five major dimensions: Youths’ awareness, beliefs and perceptions of integrity and corruption Youths’ experiences and exposure to any integrity-challenging and difficult situations Youths’ evaluation (or opinion) on the level of integrity of various private and public sectors Youths’ integrity level Youths’ level of commitment and roles in fighting against corruption Based on the survey results analysis, the Korean government and society have so much work to accomplish to strengthen and improve youth’s integrity level. Although more than 50% of youth respondents still prefer “being honest” to “being rich”, the survey result is alarming.

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