Information Work and Youth - Working Manual

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Working Manual for One Stop Youth Information and Resource Centres - Getting Started Guidelines UN-habitat, Partner and youth section is pleased to publish this working manual for one Stop Youth Information Resource Centres. This manual is based on existing best practices, and is produced to enable existing and new upcoming Centres to provide quality service to young people. The information service, for which this working manual has been developed, is firmly embedded in the youth sector which, in turn, is part of the non-formal education process. This manual is about the core principles and procedures for the starting up of, delivery of, and monitoring of one Stop Youth Information Resource Services. Using the guidelines within this manual will enable service users (and potential users) to be the central focus of service delivery. The purpose of the working manual, therefore, is to act as a point of reference for good practice, providing a framework for assessing the quality of services and the means of quality assurance for young people, information service managers and funding bodies.

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